Grilling season is here and there is nothing better than a steak from the grill or grilled chicken, veggies or just about anything on the grill is better.  When it comes to choosing a grill there are a few things to consider.  One thing to consider is do you want a gas grill or a charcoal grill?  Both have their good points, the charcoal grill adds delicious flavor to your food but it is difficult to control the temperature when cooking.  When using a gas grill it is pretty easy to control the temperature but you

don't get that smoky flavor like you do from the charcoal.  Also, it takes a lot longer to start the charcoal grill then a gas grill where you just turn the gas on and push a button.  With charcoal you have to fill the grill with the briquettes then light them and wait until they are at the right temperature to cook, I remember one time using a charcoal grill at my house I didn't wait long enough for the coals to cool and the burgers I put on burned to a crisp in about ten seconds!  After I waited for it to cool the burgers were delicious.  I did switch to a gas grill after that and chose one of the better brands and it has been great.  Good Housekeeping has a great article on how to buy a grill with a few tips when choosing a grill.

Good luck with making your decision, maybe if you are lucky enough to afford both you can go that route.  If you are short on time use the gas grill and if you have time and like the flavor you can use the charcoal grill.