With this Memorial Day weekend being the unoffical start to the summer many of you will be firing up your grills and barbecuing hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken but I bet many of you were unaware that your grill could actually be a health hazard.

WCVB.com and experts from Dana-Farber are warning about possible caner-causing risks coming from one of your favorite summer activities.

Chemicals released from gas and charcoal grills have been linked to breast, stomach, prostate, and colon cancer but that does not mean you must give up those tasty barbecued ribs. The biggest risk is the rising smoke. Carcinogens can stick to the meat and that is where the main cancer causing components live.

Here are some ways to reduce those risks:

Use Leaner Meats

Carcinogens are attracted to the fattier cuts of meat so experts suggest avoiding ribs and sausages and choosing chicken instead.

Use Thinner Marinades

The thinner the marinade the less charred the meat will get. It is in the charred skin that carcinogens are more likely to be found so a thinner marinade will create less of those.

Flip Food Often

Flipping those burgers more can reduce the amount of charring.

Placement of Food

Placing meats about 6 inches above the heat source will help to reduce the amount of carcinogens collected in the food.

For a full list of ways to reduce the risk of cancer from your barbecue click here.


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