Some Massachusetts Senators are looking at a way to change or eliminate this law, but there is a way to stop them in their tracks.

There are few things in the world that are better than time and a half. Working on holidays and Sundays are unbearable at times, but the silver lining is always that extra chunk of change added to your paycheck as compensation.

Apparently some state senators of Massachusetts just want to watch the world burn...

Seen on the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union's website, Massachusetts Senators are considering changing or even eliminating time and a half for retail and grocery workers.

If you feel strongly about the potential ending of time and a half, the UFCW have supplied a solution

Call the two numbers below and ask to leave a message both for Senate President Harriette Chandler and Speaker of the House Robert Deleo. If you receive an answering machine, please leave a message, and if it is busy try back in a few minutes. You can leave a message after business hours as well. It is crucial that they hear how important preserving time and a half on Sunday is for you, your family and your community.

Senate President Harriette Chandler: 617 – 722 – 1500

Speaker of the House Robert Deleo: 617 – 722 – 2500

Here is an example of a script to use:


I would like to leave a message for the (Senate President / Speaker).  My name is (First and Last) and I am a retail worker who lives in (City or Town), Massachusetts.  I want to urge leadership not to change or eliminate time and a half pay on Sundays and Holidays for current and future retail and grocery workers.  This pay is vital to all of us who work in this industry.  Thank you.

How do you feel about the potential law change?