With the temperatures warming up as we inch closer to summer, cars are becoming dangerously hot.

It's sad that I even have to write about this to remind people, but if this one article saves even just a single life by educating the public, then that's all that matters.

June 21 is less than two weeks away as the official first day of Summer 2020. This is the season of beaches, water parks (if they even open up this year thanks to COVID-19) and of course, the silent killer: hot cars. It's unfortunate that even today, after thousands of lives and pets have perished, pets are still being left in hot cars. When does it stop?

Just today, I got into my car and noticed it was extremely warm inside from only sitting in direct sunlight for about an hour. The dashboard read 100 degrees (something I've never witnessed before) and it definitely felt it. I began sweating after 30 seconds and even with the car windows down, it wasn't enough to cool down the internal temperature.

I checked the weather app on the phone and noticed it was only 75 degrees out. As warm as that actually is, it's nothing compared to the hot weather we have coming for us in just a few weeks, so please keep this in mind if you have children or pets in the car to NOT leave them alone, even with the windows down.

I don't care how long you plan on running into the store, if I see your kid or dog left in a hot car, you can bet your life I'm calling the police and breaking the windows. Let's just hope it doesn't come down to that.

Click below for handling a hot car situation before breaking windows and damaging property:

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