First off, let me start this conversation by saying, "I don't have kids, but if I did...".

The intent of this article is to not "parent" a parent. My goal is zero judgment and 100 percent enlightenment. I'm not here to tell you, the parent, how to do your job, but to rather instruct the opportunity at hand: the benefits of shoveling snow.

It's a game of hustle, perseverance, and integrity. There's nothing wrong with a little snow shoveling business on the side and as a matter of fact, I can guarantee you that there are valuable lessons that can be absorbed in the physical process.

As a big guy, shoveling snow comes easy (for the most part). Yes, it's tiring and back-breaking, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I'm a huge advocator of health-safety, especially when it comes to shoveling snow. Back in mid-July, I had experienced a very scary moment that involved my heart, so I make sure to take extreme precaution when it comes to any strenuous activity. However, a little exercise is always good for the body.

While I was out and about, it dawned on me how useful the simple act of snow shoveling can be, especially for our youth. If it taught me anything, it taught me how to be a man with these three ideological pieces of advice:

1.) It's a Great Money-Maker:

Knowing that a winter storm is coming is a solid money-grab, but know that the price of the payout doesn't come without the strenuous hard work that goes into it. Find a reasonable price that you can match up with your physicality and give it hell.

2.) Talk About a Workout:

In a total of four hours, I burned over 4,000 calories and most certainly gained a little muscle along the way. It's one of the simplest ways to be active and it doesn't cost you a thing. As a matter of fact, you can benefit from it by staying hydrated and listening to your body. That right there is an important aspect to the hustle.

3.) Sets a Good Example:

Long story short, would you rather see your child wasting their day behind a PS5 controller or helping the elderly neighbor clean off their car after a snowstorm? Again, there's no judgment, I just always chose the "helping others" and "being outside/active" path growing up.

So, the next time it snows, and you have some free time, invite the kiddos to shadow you while you shovel your own driveway or sidewalk. Be the reason they would rather spend time outside than behind a TV. It just might be worth it years down the road.

I only say this, because I'm a prime example of a hard-working family and I'm grateful for the genes that persuade me to better myself.

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