They say every pregnancy is different but for those moms and moms-to-be that have undergone this change, I've got a question.

For the first few months of my pregnancy I was able to keep wearing my belly button ring. It was something I've had for years and never really thought about, but I knew at some point I would have to take it out.

Lots of people asked if it hurt and it really didn't. Until about five and a half months in. At that point I could feel the ring and thought, I should get this thing gone before it really becomes uncomfortable. It was a good call, cause my stomach seemed to grow in leaps and bounds from that point and soon my belly button was all I could think about.

Now I know not every pregnant woman goes through this, but I am pretty sure my innie is going to be an outie any day now.

Do you actually feel your belly button pop out?

I mean I can often feel my stomach stretching, I lotion every day to keep from getting too itchy as my skin expands and I am convinced I can feel my belly button getting ready to pop.

I am aware that I may sound a bit crazy. My own mother and sister laughed when I told them this...but I really think I can feel my belly button getting further and further out there and I'm wondering if I will actually feel it when it pops.

So I'm putting the question to other moms and moms-to-be. Do you actually feel your belly button pop out? Will I know the moment it happens? Or is it simply something you notice one day and never really knew when and how your new outie appeared?