Far too often I have witnessed many of my very good friends have their wedding days ruined, usually by something that is out of their control.

This is definitely not something anyone could have ever seen happening: a fire breaks out during your ceremony. What do you do?

A fire broke out at a wedding at the Lake Pearl Ballroom located in Wrentham.
Now, most brides (and some grooms) would probably be so upset it would ruin their entire day.

This woman, however, decided to take lemons and make lemonade. Plus she probably just want to get married already.

The ceremony had to quickly make a venue change to the outdoors. Luckily, a rainstorm had just missed the party.

The Wrentham Police and Fire Departments showed up quickly but by the time they got there, the bride-to-be had already decided none of this was going to ruin her special day and was smiling and dancing the night away outside.

According to the Facebook post, no injuries were reported and everyone is just fine.

Here is a video the police department took of the bride, afer taking care of the fire:

I love that the bride had to get a police officer picture and video. More importantly, I love that she made the most out of what could have been a very devasting day.

High-five to the bride and I certainly hope she keeps that "glass half full" attitude throughout her marriage.

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