If you haven't been to this bar in a few years and still think of it as a pint-sized floating tiki hut- stop...

...that is a Tipsy Seagull we can never go back to.

Even as recently as March, when the first of three Nor'easters heavily damaged Fall River's favorite dockside pub, you may have wondered if it would be the same once it opened again.

In 2014, this place was no taller than the few fake palm trees that decorated its deck. Fast forward four summers, and this place not only has a lower deck (think floating-raft-on-the-water, can-sit-with-my-toes-in-the-river low) with tons of seating, but it has its main deck, an upper deck and a sort-of upper-upper deck with a bar that has 10 island-style swings instead of stools.

There is no motion dreamier or more relaxing than swinging back and forth on a swing while at a bar while also floating on the water.

Paired with a cool breeze, stellar sunset, and light-up palm trees on every corner,  you'll be on island time as soon as you pull off the highway. Let the green LED lights guide the way.