Every once and a while, I'll need something mindless to do and will grab a Where's Waldo? book and play the game. It's been a minute. If you enjoyed playing the game on paper, you will definitely enjoy what they are calling the real-life version.

A man by the name of Gilbert Ott has been making the news for becoming Waldo brought to life. He created a travel website called God Save The Points that basically shares some amazing travel deals and blogs from Gilbert's journeys around the world.

Gilbert played this real-life game back in 2017 and it proved a pretty good promotional stunt for his website. Hence we are talking about it now.

So how exactly does this game work? Gilbert is traveling now through December 10th, mostly in the air. It's simple: you recognize and find Gilbert on your flight and he will trade his first-class seat for your seat. This go-round, he is visiting cities where he has the most fans and one airport he has confirmed he'll make an appearance is Logan International in Boston.

“This time around, I’m focusing on the places and the people who have been so kind to support me over the years, and allow me to live the dream of writing about travel for a living," he said on his website.

If you plan on traveling out of Logan, you might as well take some of the stress off your mind and play along. It could get you a first-class seat – which, by the way, usually includes free adult beverages and comfy seats, at least.

In case you want to know what Gilbert looks like so you can look for him, here is a picture from his Instagram:

Happy travels and, hopefully, you run into Gilbert.

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