We've all been there. A situation in which we're fed up and nothing, no one, will stand in our way.

I'm not exactly sure who is behind this savage note, but it deserves a standing ovation.

Over in Fall River on North Main Street is where you'll find the local RMV. It's also where you can find the tax collector's office.

Whatever you do, don't confuse the two.

Word on the street is that It happens all the time, or at least enough that someone had to place a sheet of paper on the outside of an office door. The sheet reads:

"This is NOT the tax collector's office, they're the door on your left.

I don't know if they're open.

I don't know when they'll be back

I barely know what they do."

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This photo was sent to me by my friend Brittny, so I'm not quite sure who's behind that note or that office door, but my gut feeling is that it's no one from a collection agency.

The note itself was too good to not show the rest of the world outside of North Main Street, so here it is now for all to see. Maybe this will help cut down on the confusion for future visitors.

If anyone knows the person who printed out this note in the first place, let them know that I feel their pain and shoot me an email at Gazelle@Fun107.com. I have more questions for them.

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