As a kid, I always loved going on the Newport Mansion tours and seeing how the other half lived over a century ago. The ornate architecture and exquisite décor always reminded me of something out of a fairytale book.

Nowadays, minimalism and modern seem to be the popular trend of the current generation, but there is a mansion in Fall River that acts as a standing time warp of what it was like to be a luxurious homeowner in the early 1900s.

Two houses down from the United Methodist Church in Fall River sits the Robert Marshall House, and it’s currently on the market. It has stood the test of time with all of its original furnishings living inside, and you won’t believe how pristine it looks.

Do you have about $900,000 to spare? Then the mansion could be yours. Listed on Redfin as a Georgian Revival mansion, the seller offers a glimpse into the interior of this intriguing home.

From the outside, the mansion looks like a typical New England home that has been standing on its foundation for a century. Once you take a step inside, you realize just how unique this mansion really is. The house was built in 1901 and remains in pristine condition, with each room still exactly the way it was when Robert Marshall lived there. There is no sign of minimalism in this grand home, with its décor and woodwork being true works of art.

With four bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, and over 7,000 square feet, there is room to spare. The listing says, “the unique interior of this home offers an updated kitchen, two pantries, library with beautiful mahogany wood, formal living and dining room and music room on the first level.” Upstairs, you’ll find the master suite with its own patio, among other lavish rooms.

Ready to take a look inside and teleport to 1901? Let’s go.

Take a Look Inside This Pristine Fall River Mansion from 1901

The Robert Marshall House is a mansion in Fall River that will transport you back to the early 1900s with its embellished and elegant interior design, and it's currently on the market.

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