It's been over two decades since Rocky Point Park closed its doors for good, but these old home videos will take you back there in seconds.

Rocky Point Park in Warwick, Rhode Island was a destination for thousands of families from the mid-1800s through the mid-1990s. But nowadays the former theme park grounds are the sight of a 1.6 mile walking path with water views.

I have been many times with my family and the park is fantastic. They have a paved loop for bikes, strollers, runners or walkers, open field area for events and there are pieces of the old park still there too.

Like the Rocky Point arch and the platforms for the Sky-Liner ride.

But despite the former features remaining and the signs throughout the park featuring photos of the old rides and attractions, it is so hard to actually picture where everything was when I'm there.

I mean I remember the Corkscrew, the Cyclone and the Flume fondly. But where they were really located in the park I have a hard time picturing.

Not anymore.

Home videos from the mid-90s have shown up online and they helped bring everything about Rocky Point flooding back to my memory.

The first is family video of the kiddie train ride through the entire park. The dad is filming and shows the family going by the Flume, the Corkscrew, the kiddie ride area and more.

It reminded me just how woodsy the park used to be too.

Then there is a video someone took while actually on the Sky-Liner.

This one gives you a fantastic overhead view of much of the park, with some zoom ins on the waterview and the House of Horrors ride.

I don't know how this Back in Time America Facebook page got theses old home videos, but I am thrilled that they did.

It has been a long time since I really got to picture this theme park and the memories these short films brought back were delightful.

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