My memories of the Jaws movies really go back to my pre-teenage years. I remember having so many nightmares from the movie. Pretty sure I didn't want to go swimming in the ocean for awhile.

What I didn't know was how close to home the movie was filmed. My heart just skipped a beat.

Just miles away is where they filmed this movie that I'm pretty sure traumatized me for life. (being dramatic, of course, I obviously love the ocean.) A few never-before-seen pictures from outside a Martha's Vineyard hotel where the movie was filmed have surfaced.

Found this one on Instagram. I mean you can legit see a producer with his entire head inside the mouth of the shark they used for filming.

Here is the article I found with more pictures that really didn't surface until now.

I guess the timing couldn't be worse. I'm sure lots of us would love to not have this visual before dipping into the ocean for some summer fun.

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