These days, I'm as curious about everything and anything as if my middle name were George. If something makes me say "Hmmm," then you know damn well that I'll be the first to get answers.

About a week or so ago, I received an email from a listener by the name of Nelson Conchinha, who saw something and wanted to know my thoughts. It was in regards to a barstool in downtown New Bedford. Right away, I was hooked.

Conchinha writes:

"What is up with the slots on the bases of chairs at bars and restaurants these days?"

I, too, have seen this style of a barstool before but couldn't quite put my finger on it until I had myself a "Sunday Funday" at Play Arcade on Union Street. On the roof deck, surrounding the bar and railing overlooking the New Bedford Harbor were these bright orange barstools, and right smack in the middle was that hole that Conchinha described.

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After digging around online, I found an identical one with a description beneath the photo. The hole's purpose is nothing more than a simple drain hole if you plan on keeping your bar stools outdoors. This way, the water won't puddle up and also allows for quick drying if someone were to accidentally spill their drink or if the staff washes them down.

Again, nothing too mind-blowing, but still a great conversation piece if you ever find yourself on a first date. Now you can wow them with this useless knowledge that will eventually live "rent-free" in your mind.

Cue "The More You Know" shooting star.

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