One afternoon I was hanging out with some friends at Rose Alley Ale House in downtown New Bedford. The workday was done and we were just enjoying some wings and beer. I excused myself to use the restroom, which is downstairs. That's when I misjudged the steps and nearly broke my coccyx on the way down.

That's when I got to thinking...

If this place had an escalator, just like Providence Place, then imagine how easy it would be to get from the first to the seocnd floor and back.

There would be no more fear, no more injuries, no more anxiety when it comes to walking up or down the stairs at places where alcohol might make you unsteady on your feet.

I came up with seven of the most difficult bar and restaurant stairs on the SouthCoast to navigate even after a couple of White Claws.

From Plymouth to Fall River, these are the bars that stood out the most.

Escalators strongly encouraged.

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