Here ye, here ye...There's a new royal in town. 

It appears that there is a new heir to the throne at King Richard's Faire this year. Lots of people have been buzzing about spottings of a new king in Carvershire.

King Richard's Faire | Facebook

The King took to Facebook to welcome everyone to his kingdom last week and has since been hosting the jousts and touring the grounds with Queen Anne.

If you've been to the Faire before, you're probably used to seeing the "old" (we mean that respectfully!) king. But much like everything else in life, a king's reign eventually comes to an end and is passed on to the next ruler of the kingdom.

King Richard's Faire | Facebook

King Richard's Faire is open weekends through October. Keep up with events and updates on Facebook. We wish the new king years of happiness and unlimited mead and gold coins. Huzzah!