Whether or not you believe in extraterrestrial life, there's no denying that people have seen some ~strange~ stuff in skies. 

ufo abduction

This year alone, there were almost 2,100 UFO sightings in Massachusetts. According to the National UFO Reporting Center, most of the sightings happen within a few consecutive days each month but in different parts of the state. For example, there were sightings in Rowley on 12/21, Attleboro on 12/22, Montague on 12/23, Weymouth on 12/24, and Saugus on 12/25. Earlier in the year, there was a sighting in Holden on 7/6, Halifax on 7/7, and Gloucester on 7/8.

Here are the reports and details of sightings that happened right here on the SouthCoast:

9/16/18 - New Bedford - Banner of white spheres in constellation formation flying under the half moon.

9/1/18 - Somerset - Flying craft cloaking and uncloaking.

8/2/18 - Middleborough - Small, high altitude amber light eventually faded to white and then faded out completely.

7/20/18 - Buzzard's Bay / Bourne - Orange fireball at Buzzard's Bay, MA.

7/13/18 - Swansea - Small purple light flying across the sky.

6/11/18 - Chatham - After power outage/black out we saw multiple UFOs, 12-20 blinking on and off as well as a red one that seemed to absorb the white ones.

6/10/18 - Yarmouth - Three wiggling bright lights above the Mid-Cape.

6/5/18 - Marion - Two bright white lights moving slowly southwest.

If you want to read the full list across the state, click here. There are some pretty weird stories.

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