There comes a time when "sorry, not sorry" is appropriate, and this is one of those times.

There is absolutely no way Rhode Island drivers are better than Massachusetts drivers, and that's saying a lot. Yeah, perhaps we tend to drive a little faster than others and often forget to use our "blinkahs," but when it comes to the difference between "Rhodys" and "Bostonians," we win the driving category all day long—or so I like to think.

Sadly, for Massachusetts folk, I couldn't have been more wrong (but only slightly). It appears that Allstate Insurance just released its annual report on America's Best Drivers for the year 2018 and although a few cities in MA and RI made the top 200, it appears that Rhode Islanders put Massachusetts drivers to shame.

Coming in within the lowest 10 spots were:

Springfield, MA -195

Worcester, MA -197

Boston, MA -199

As for Rhode Island, even though they only had one city make the cut, it was enough to slap us in the face:

Providence, RI -193

Again, these ratings are based on the top 200 cities awarded for the best drivers to least likely experience a collision, yet both states are as low as it goes on the charts. Regardless of how close Rhode Island beat Massachusetts, facts are facts and Allstate did its research.

Now, if being a Massachusetts resident makes me biased and a bit salty, it still doesn't prove that we drive better, only that we are more likely to get into a "fendah bendah."

Like I said, there is no way Rhode Islanders are better drivers than Massachusetts drivers, but I've been wrong before and I'm being corrected once again.


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