This morning, we welcomed licensed therapist Autumn Prior to The Rock and Fox Show.  Autumn was in the studio to talk to listeners and give them some advice about any family problems they may be having. She has been practicing for over 15 years, and has a practice on Spring Street in downtown New Bedford. She generally works with trauma, anxiety, and depression sees a range of issues.

The first call we received was from a mom who is having anxiety over her only daughter's 18th birthday. This mom told Autumn that she is struggling with "letting go." Autumn told her that the important thing was to find things that bring herself joy. Take a listen to her full advice here:

The second call was from a mom of a two-and-a-half-year-old boy who is struggling to find time for herself. She feels that having her daughter has put a hold on her marriage and she now wants to reconnect with her husband, but finds it hard to leave her son (even with his grandparents) without feeling like she is abandoning him. Autumn told her how important it is for parents to find time for themselves. Listen to Autumn's full advice here:

We also took a call from a man who is having some trouble in his love life. He says he has fallen in love with someone else while still in his current relationship. He is unsure about what to do to move forward and if leaving his current partner will be the wrong step. Autumn says that there are some options. She mentioned that one important thing to do is to talk to your partner about what your needs are in the relationship and why you may be looking elsewhere. Here is Autumn's full advice about the situation:

The overall message that Autumn wants listeners to take away from today is to give yourself a break and that the way you speak to yourself matters. Going into a New Year it is a perfect time to start thinking about self-care.

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