Michael and Maddie therapist Autumn Prior returned to the Fun 107 studio this morning to field questions from our audience and share some of her advice.

Our first call came from a woman who was looking for advice about how to talk to her son about a broken engagement. She told Autumn that her son's fiancée cheated on him, causing the wedding to be canceled. The mother was looking for advice on how to talk with her son about the canceled wedding.

Autumn advised that one of the most important factors to consider about how she should speak to her son about the difficult topic is how much information her son directly shared with her. That would be a good indication of how detailed her son wanted to get.

We also got a message on the Fun 107 app from a daughter asking about the best way to talk to her father about what he is posting on Facebook. She said that her father is constantly posting inflammatory views about COVID-19 and politics, and that it is making it difficult for her.

We asked Autumn what types of issues are trending with her patients. She said that she is seeing a lot of people who are feeling the toll of the isolation that COVID-19 is delivering.

She said that a big number of her patients are experiencing anxiety about whether or not their children will be going back to school in the coming weeks. Many are worried about the health risks of sending the kids back to school while others are worried about what remote learning might mean for their children and their ability to keep their jobs.

Autumn stressed that none of us know what will be happening one month from now, so her advice is "don't problem-solve for a problem you don't have yet."

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