Snow is nothing new to a New Englander...and neither is the way people prepare for it. Here's some of ways we on the East Coast get ready for winter weather.

Buy all the bread and milk you can!

The bread aisle at your local supermarket never looks so sad and empty as it does when snow is predicted.

Stock up on rock salt


More importantly...stock up on beer!

Getting snowed in is clearly a great excuse for New Englanders to day drink like champs. And if the power goes out, the snow has got you covered...

Head to the gas station

Nothing says "dibs on this parking spot I cleared out" like a plastic lawn chair.

Tim Boyle/Newsmakers
Tim Boyle/Newsmakers

Download your favorite shows and movies

Can you say binge watch? Snow means down time to catch up on your favorite shows...just make sure you download a few episodes as back up in case the power and internet go down!

And of course, blow the severity of the storm WAY out of proportion

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