The Ultimate SouthCoast Playground Guide: Tri-Town/Wareham features six playgrounds plus a bonus Little Tykes playground that's part of a local creamery.

Lopes Memorial Park, Onset

Fenced in with no bathrooms and just a small parking lot, this playground has TONS of nostalgia. You may have seen our standalone review of this playground earlier in the year. It is one of our area's last wooden playgrounds with tons of tunnels, oversized tires, metal slides and more of the fun details you loved as a kid. It definitely shows its age but is totally worth at least one visit before it is replaced by a new playground. (Get directions here)

Lopes Playground

Decas School, Wareham 

Decas Elementary school is right behind Wareham Crossing and home to a large, climbing-friendly playground. This playground has three separate playground units and one tiny toddler area in the middle. This playground reminds us most of the Winslow School playground in New Bedford. Like all schools, the downside to this playground is there is no bathroom, but on the plus side it's fenced in, has parking nearby and plenty of sunny space. (Get directions here)

Decas School Playground

Sippican School, Marion

Back in the day, this school had the BEST wooden playground around, but it has been replaced by an equally awesome modern playground. There's a smaller toddler area that's probably the most fun for ages two and under. The largest part of the playground has enough features that it kept all ages happy, and challenged. It's street parking only but on such a quiet road it doesn't really matter. There is a fence that blocks the road from the playground but the area is not fenced in. If the gang gets hungry, take a walk down the road to the Marion General Store for some snacks. (Get directions here)

Sippican School Playground

Center School, Mattapoisett 

This is a great, quiet little playground for a younger crowd. There's a parking lot using the Hammond Street side, no fence, and no bathroom. It has one of the cutest tot areas including an adorable blue playhouse, ride-on seahorses and a climbing cave. The bigger playground has a few climbing elements including a climbing net that isn't high enough to be too scary. (Ge directions here)

Center School Playground

Dexter Lane Community Park, Rochester 

This playground is part of a larger complex that includes a few baseball fields, walking paths, a skatepark and finally, a playground. It's a larger playground perfect for the five-and-older crowd but does have a separate toddler area that is essentially just a giant plastic playground. There is tons of sunshine, a giant parking lot and porta-johns. The playground is not fenced in but it's set far enough back in the field that it's easy to keep eyes on kids without them getting into much trouble. (Get directions here)

Dexter Lane Playground

Pope Park, Acushnet

Pope Park playground is a nice fenced-in playground that's part of the Pope Park sports complex. There is a giant parking lot available that is used by the entire complex along with a few spots that line the in and out driveways of the complex. This playground has tons of climbing parts and plenty of slides, plus it has a separate tiny tot area for the smaller kids to climb on their own. There are plenty of benches and sunshine and if the kids are well behaved you can walk next door to Acushnet Creamery. (Get directions here)

Pope Park Playground

*BONUS PLAYGROUND: Captain Bonney's Creamery, Rochester 

This is a bit of a hidden gem because it's technically an ice cream shop. It's on our list because it is also, basically, a Little Tykes playground and PERFECT for the three-and-under crowd. There are 12 large scale Little Tykes playground pieces, the official Captain Bonney's boat, a game-room style basketball toss, a volleyball/badminton area, corn hole area and, lastly, a sandbox. Plus, its neighbor is Clover Creek Farm, so in between playing, you can pet the alpacas, goats, and horses and then go back to playing. There is a porta-john, small parking lot and tented picnic table pavilion (because it's a restaurant, first and foremost). The downside is there is no fence and it's easy to lose sight of kids once they are in one of the playhouses. (Get directions here)

Captain Bonney's Playground

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