The Ultimate SouthCoast Playground Guide: Fall River/Somerset features nine playgrounds, including two in nearby Rhode Island

North Park, Fall River

An inclusion playground with street parking, no bathroom and partially fenced. Its main feature is a giant metal dome with a web of climbing ropes, rope bridges, swings and other stuff that lets kids climb without any rhyme or reason. The other fun stuff includes inclusive slides built into the side of small hill accessible by a small climbing wall also built into the hill or by going up the sidewalk ramp. It's got swings, an old seesaw log, a small riverbed feature that's fed by an old-fashioned pump and other fun odd and end playground pieces not often seen at typical playgrounds. (Get directions here)

North Park Playground

Maplewood Park/Patriot Playground, Fall River

This park was donated by the New England Patriots themselves in 2018 and reflects the team's classic red, white and blue colors. This playground is tucked away in Maplewood Park and you can access the parking lot using Stafford Road, where you'll find it hidden under plenty of trees. This playground has a great toddler area, but the big kid area is a giant system of climbing ropes, bars, and vinyl tunnels. (Get directions here)

Patriots Playground

Kennedy Park Playground, Fall River

This is a new inclusion park that is pretty impressive once you are on it. This playground is partially fenced in on the parking lot side but open on the Middle Street side. This is another playground that, while inclusive, still has a lot of great climbing features plus a few steep metal slides. The toddler side is pretty large and has a seesaw, some slides, and mini monkey bars. There is a huge parking lot plus tons of intersecting sidewalks and an empty ice skating rink that make it the perfect place to bring bikes, too. The downside is there's no bathroom. (Get directions here)

Kennedy Park Playground

Father Travassos Park, Fall River

This park is not the easiest to find, because while you can see it from the highway, and think it's right behind the Espirito Santo School on Alden Street, its entrance is actually behind an old run-down mill. You will second guess if you are going the right way, and that's how you know you are. This is a park that's perfect for climbers and risk takers. It has a smaller toddler area but its really more suited to kids with coordination. It's fenced in, has a parking lot, no bathroom and a seasonal splash pad. (Get directions here)

Father Travassos Park

Children’s Museum Space Playground, Fall River

A smaller playground with a few slides but rather than connecting plastic tube/bridges, the bridges are all net bridges—a bit harder for really little kids, but the playground is contained to one room on the second floor of the museum with plenty of bathroom and bonus space costumes. The plus side to this playground is tons of other kid-appropriate museum rooms. The downside is there is an admission fee. (Get directions here)

Children's Museum Playground

Pierce Beach & Playground, Somerset

Former home to the Big Red Slide (which is temporarily closed), this playground was just installed in 2018 and has a large toddler area and a large big kid area. The best part about this playground is its proximity to the beach and the bathrooms that are right nearby. There's a parking lot for the off-season, but once summer hits this is a sticker-only area. (Get directions here)

Pierce Beach Playground

Dighton Community Park, Dighton

This is a newer playground right on Route 138 in Dighton. It is built at the bottom of a hill so there is a natural barrier from the road and no fence around the playground. This playground was good for all ages and had plenty of slides of all heights, including one of the highest tube slides around. There is equipment appropriate for smaller kids but it's attached to the rest of the equipment, so you may not notice the difference at first. It has a few throwback ride-ons and a single swinging bench for the adults. This playground has porta-johns and a parking lot. (Get directions here)

Dighton Community Park

Hugh Cole Playground, Warren, RI

This playground can be a little bit of a hike depending on where you are coming from, but there is a parking lot at the adjacent Hugh Cole School, which makes parking easy. This playground isn't wood but is very much stylized like the wooden playgrounds you grew up on. Its also entirely waterfront-themed and has multiple boats, little clam shacks and tackle shops, a separate toddler area and a sandbox. There is a covered pavilion if you want to picnic and lots of details hidden throughout. This playground is most fun for the five-and-under crowd. There is no bathroom (at least that we could find). (Get directions here)

Hugh Cole Playground

Bulgamarsh Rec. Playground, Tiverton, RI

This playground is most commonly known as "the playground near the library." It has a large parking lot that the skate park and surrounding fields also use. The playground itself has a mix of 1980s equipment and modern equipment, primarily the giant ship-themed playground unit. The playground itself is not fenced in but there is a fence that blocks the park from the road so you really only have to watch kids from going into the parking lot. There are porta-johns on site. (Get directions here)

Bulgamarsh Playground

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