Last summer you couldn't go on social media without seeing a video of someone doing an Ice Bucket Challenge. Now, it's all about the Twizzler Challenge.

And like last year, this challenge is also for a good cause. The Ice Bucket Challenge raised awareness and funds for ALS, and now the Twizzler Challenge is hoping to do the same for Autism Speaks. Earlier this week, TV hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Matt Lauer gave the Twizzler Challenge a whirl, and you bet, it was awkward.

They start with a piece of red licorice, the Twizzler, one person takes one end, the other person takes the other and just like 'Lady and the Tramp', both parties start chomping away until they meet in the middle, and are almost certain to kiss...whether that's the goal or not. It's awkward.

I am all about raising awareness and funds for diseases, it's very important to get the word out and sometimes your typical 'run of the mill' ad campaign gets overlooked, so people think of more creative ways to bring attention to their cause. However, I haven't yet figured out the connection between raising awareness for Autism and eating a piece of red licorice.

Hey, if it gets the word out there to people, ok, have at it. I would just prefer to make my own donations to the organizations that I am passionate about than being forced into an awkward kiss only separated by a piece of licorice. I don't even like licorice!

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