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As you probably know, I am a huge fan of food.

I wouldn't label myself as a foodie because I feel like foodies are braver and try different and unique menu items. I'm a basic bro when it comes to food. I tend to go to repeatedly go to the same three or four restaurants and order the same one or two dishes. I want to shake it up a little, but I usually get nervous at the last minute. I feel like if I am going to invest the time and money into going out to dinner, I want to make sure it is a slam dunk meal.

That being said, I really am trying to expand my horizons. So I decided to ask the Michael and Maddie audience, what is the most underrated restaurant on the SouthCoast? In other words, what is the best restaurant that the rest of the SouthCoast doesn't seem to know about?

My vote would go to the Seaport Inn Grill in Fairhaven. This place is so good, but I never think of it for some reason. The whole place has been completely renovated. The atmosphere is absolutely beautiful. In the warmer months, you have the option of waterfront dining overlooking the marina. Most importantly, though, is that the food is delicious. I haven't been there in a while, but the last time I was there they had an incredible executive chef, the menu was rock solid, and their chowder rivaled anyone else's on the SouthCoast. I don't understand why this place isn't packed every night.

We asked the radio audience and got a ton of great feedback, and then turned it over to our Facebook feed and got even more.

The SouthCoast's Most Underrated Restaurants

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