It's been a few months since our last She Shed chat but I thought it was necessary to grab a friend and have some real talk.

You haven't heard me talk about the protests too much on the air or on my social media. Yes, I know it's my platform and it's important to speak up in times like these, but I also want to be responsible and educate myself on what I can do to really make a difference.

You may not know but right before I came back to Fun 107 I lived in Richmond, Virginia – home to many Confederate statues and what some say is the land where the Civil War officially ended. So as you can imagine, this city is a melting pot of history, both good and bad.

While I lived in Richmond I had the opportunity to live with an amazing Black woman, a woman I felt exemplified as strong and smart. Her name is Rae Berryman. She was someone that broke all barriers even while more were being put in her way. She and I not only lived together but worked together and I could see firsthand how she was treated differently.

It made sense for me to not only want to catch up with her but to ask her the tough questions. I'm thankful she was open to recording a Zoom with me and just let it all out and share with me some perspective on how she feels and what I can do to really help.

Here is this week's She Shed. It's serious talk, but don't get it twisted – wine was still involved.

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