Would you be up for an 8 hour trek through Massachusetts if you were guaranteed to see the 10 scariest places in the state?

onlyinyourstate.com has dug up the creepiest and scariest locations for you to visit this Halloween season, if you dare.  The trip would be at least 8 hours in time and spans miles across, up and down and all over the state of Massachusetts.  Reviews are raving about this road trip, especially if you're into all things scary!

You'll start with the USS Salem in Quincy Ma which is said to be one of the most haunted vessels in the world.  Hundreds died on this ship back in 1953 from an earthquake in Greece.  It's been said that many room on the ship were filled to the ceiling with corpses.

Battleship USS Salem

Dogtown Gloucester is hands down one of the creepiest towns in Ma.  Back in the late 1600's it was home to about 100 families.  Local natives were attacked by pirates which left the town with criminals, vagrants and even witches.

danvers state hospital/facebook

The Danvers State Hospital in Danvers Ma which opened in 1878 was a mental health hospital known as the birthplace of the pre-frontal lobotomy.  This procedure involved jamming an instrument that resembled an ice pick, into a patients eye to sever important neural connections, yikes!!!  Anyways, the conditions at the hospital were unbearable with patients left chained to beds for days. The hospital closed back in 1992, and converted to an apartment complex. However, mysterious fires began to break out in the apartments in 2007, which sparked rumors the land is haunted.

The SK Pierce Mansion in Gardner Ma is so haunted that visitors are required to sign a waiver before entering the home. It has a history of death and tragedy that spans over 130 years.

The Hoosac Tunnel in North Adams Ma is nicknamed “The Bloody Pit,” where over 200 people died in the tunnel, and it was one of the most deadly construction projects in Massachusetts history. There was an explosion in the tunnel and 13 men were presumed dead abandoned at the bottom of a deep shaft. A raft was discovered long after the explosion insinuating that the men had survived for days after the search was called off. Note: the tunnel is private railroad property, and trespassing in the area is not permitted. To check out the Hoosac Tunnel, hop aboard a train at the North Adams station.

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On to the Houghton Mansion in North Adams has been riddled with reports of disembodied voices, ghost sightings and strange screams ever since since the late 1800's.  The estate hosts $5 tours for visitors year round!


The Belchertown State School in Belchertown Ma was built in 1922 and closed in 1971, and there have been reports of hauntings and ghosts ever since. You can check out the decaying buildings and overgrown grounds from the outside, but access to the inside of the buildings is not permitted, as it's all boarded up.

Spider Gates Cemetery in Leicester has got to be one of the scariest in the entire country never mind just Massachusetts!  It was founded back in 1740 and local stories and rumors suggest that the cemetery is a gateway to another dimension. The unknown.  Reports of hauntings and satanic rituals are said to be performed on a stone area of the cemetery known as "The Altar."

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A visit to the Freetown Fall River State Forrest is sure to spook you out.  And it's right here on the Southcoast, so why not?  Once you've finished there, you'll wrap up this day long tour at The Lizzie Borden House in Fall River. This house is one of the most infamous murder scenes in America. In 1892, Lizzie Borden of Fall River was accused of the violent and brutal murders of her father and mother. They had been viciously slain with an axe, and though Borden was ultimately acquitted of their murders, most people who knew her and her parents believed she did kill them.  Many who have dared to step foot inside the Lizzie Borden House have said that they experience an oppressive feeling and that they are being watched. If you're feeling courageous, you can rent a room in the Borden home for the night.  Umm, no thanks!