One of my favorite Halloween traditions was seeing The Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight on Halloween Night at Cinema 140 and at UMass Dartmouth. Every year, my friends and I would flip flop. Cinema 140 one year, then UMass the next. Since Cinema 140 is long gone now, there's really no other place to see it locally then UMass Dartmouth.

The first time I went to see the live show, I knew nothing about the movie. Friends that I went with assumed that I saw it previously and thought nothing of it, until I was questioned at the door. They question you to see if your a Rocky Horror Virgin. And it was a simple question too, "When do you throw the toilet paper?" I looked at them at said, "I haven't the slightest idea," so they then put the lipstick "V" on my forehead to let everyone know it was my first time seeing the live show.

I will say the live show is an experience to be seen to be believed. From the opening credits to the end of the movie there are "callbacks." Those sitting in the audience have it timed out where when you yell certain things at the screen, the movie will interact with you. Plus, seeing actors onstage performing the scenes live is cool too. Over the years since 1975, more and more callbacks are intergrated into the movie as news stories break out, and newer TV shows and situations make the cut. It's funny to hear someone yell out something topical because it keeps the movie fresh.

20 Cent Fiction, who is the student run theatre group, will be running The Rocky Horror Picture Show for their 19th season from October 31st through November 3rd. Doors open at 7:30pm for an 8pm curtain Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Friday doors are at 11:30pm for a midnight curtain. Admission will be $5 for UMD Students, $10 for faculty, staff, and alumni, and $15 for General Admission.

Now I don't know if they do the Rocky Horror Virgin test, so beware. I think nowadays they put a red balloon between your legs and pop it. That's all. Then, you can enjoy the movie. And while they welcome playing cards, toilet paper, and dry props, they want you to leave the rice and toast at home.

My only recommendation to 20 Cent Fiction is they do a midnight showing Halloween night, it's tradition. So what if it's a school night? Blame it on Dr. Frank-n-Furter.