I really hadn't heard of an Oculus Quest until a couple of weeks before Christmas. Jackson was all hyped up about securing some for our Fun 107 Gift Grab contest. Apparently, they were tough to get, but Jackson had a will and a way to obtain a few of them and assured me that they would be the prize to giveaway just before Christmas.

Not surprisingly, he was right.

In addition to playing VR video games, you can see sporting events and concerts from the front row and remotely join people in a conference room to have a meeting. You could even relax on a beach, or by a fire.

Jackson explained to me that the Oculus Quest was a new level of virtual reality. It was VR presented in a way we'd really never seen before. The enthusiasm from our Fun 107 winners seemed to support his analysis.

The Rock and Fox Show gave a bunch of them away the week before our Christmas break, and we moved on.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve when my brother-in-law and his family were visiting our house. He couldn't stop raving about his daughter's new Oculus Quest. He said that he liked it just as much as the kids did.

My son was sold. He didn't get one for Christmas, but he did get enough money from grandparents and other relatives to buy his own. It normally retails for $399.

The day after Christmas he started calling around. No one, and I mean no one has one of these things for sale. Dartmouth's Best Buy told us that there wasn't an Oculus Quest for sale anywhere within 250 miles of New Bedford. She wasn't kidding. My son has been calling around for weeks looking for one.

It's anyone's best guess as to when Oculus Quests will once again be available at the retail level, but it'd be more accurate to measure that time in months (not weeks).

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