I've had a lot of pie in my life and let me tell you something, this one tops the charts.

Every year Michael and Maddie hosts the morning show from the site of America's first Thanksgiving, Plimoth Patuxet in Plymouth. Historians and directors educate us on life in Massachusetts back in the 17th century and how the pilgrims and indigenous tribes coexisted.

As a bonus, we even get a freshly cooked Thanksgiving dinner (at 7:30 a.m., I might add) cooked by the amazing culinary staff with all the fixings: sweet and mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, carrots and cranberry sauce.

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For dessert, we receive an award-winning candied pecan-topped pumpkin pie. This year's pie knocked my socks off.

Last year, a blind taste-test pie-baking contest at the museum hosted numerous commercial and private bakers. Among them was Plimoth Patuxet's very own Carolyn McMorrow, who took first place with her pumpkin pie. She has worked at the museum for the last eight to nine years and can mass-produce her special pumpkin pie for the public to sink their teeth into.

Courtesy Plimoth Patuxet
Courtesy Plimoth Patuxet

“She’s just the heart of the kitchen," Plentiful Catering Operations Manager Erin Allard said. "She’s the kindest, most generous, and an overall amazing woman who works hard. She's always coming up with something new or trying out a new recipe. She enjoys historical recipes and creating her spinoffs using old cookbooks."

Unfortunately, this sweet treat is not available daily, only on special occasions (not on Thanksgiving Day).

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