I’ve never been to the Old Grist Mill Tavern in Seekonk. I know, it’s a shame because I’ve heard wonderful things about it over the years. According to the restaurant’s website, this historic tavern was built way back in 1745 and “is a rare relic of pre-Revolutionary New England designed to grind the grain raised by nearby colonial farmers. When exactly it opened as a restaurant, we may never know.” It’s kind of cool to see that it’s been open for so long and I can’t believe I’ve never made my way over there yet.

However, I might be tempted to stop by very soon as The Old Grist Mill Tavern is now for sale. The property is listed for a cool three million dollars at Commercial Real Estate Exchange, Inc. The listing describes it as a “gorgeous antique building, beautifully partially rebuilt in 2013 to replicate its original charm and home to one of the most popular restaurants and meeting spots for gatherings of all occasions for well over 60 years!”

According to a post on Facebook, The Old Grist Mill Tavern will remain open. A patron asked if the establishment was closing and the page simply replied with "No, we are not closing.”

Judging by the response made by that patron, I’m guessing she is overjoyed with the news:


If the restaurant’s long history isn’t fascinating enough, you should know that it was destroyed by a fire back in June of 2012 when a tractor-trailer carrying bananas overturned and hit a gas line, causing an explosion. The establishment was rebuilt in November of 2014.

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