Well, this weekend the Feast delivered. I made my stop by on Friday night. The weather was pretty perfect, and the food and Madeira wine were flowing!

As a matter of fact, I had my first taste of it. Nobody told me how strong it was, so I ordered a large. That was all I needed! It's delicious but it definitely hit me.

Trust me, I know how my fellow Portuguese get down. When I was younger I went to a Feast or two. Every year there are usually a few that may indulge in a little too much Madeira wine and, well, they can't behave themselves.

Everywhere on social media, I see people posting about the "clinka count"–those that had a few too many and needed to be apprehended and put in the "clinka."

Considering the weekend we had in the United States this past weekend, I think we were well-behaved. Only two people were reportedly put in the "clinka." That's good! Think that hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world come to the Feast. I personally think that the police presence was pretty awesome this year. Seeing that they were there to ensure our safety felt great.

So, to recap, Clinka Count for 2019: two people. Let's get it to zero next year. Even though it won't be as entertaining, we can absolutely do it.

P.S.: Does anyone know where I can get Madeira wine right now? I'm actually in love with it and I personally think it would make a nice nightcap on those crazy days.

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