I think at this point everyone is watching Netflix...but what is everyone watching? One website broke down the data to see which shows were the most popular across the country and the results may surprise you.

Highspeedinternet.com was kind enough to crunch the numbers and see which states love which shows on Netflix.

Across the country Orange Is The New Black was hands down the most popular Netflix show out there, leading the way with 15 states calling it their favorite.

But Massachusetts wasn't one of those states.

American Vandal is the most popular Netflix show in Massachusetts.

From my interactions with people I would have guessed Stranger Things to be the most popular show around here...but it's not.

According to the Google Trends data HighSpeedInternet.com analyzed, American Vandal is the most popular Netflix show in Massachusetts.

netflix map

Honestly, I had to google this one to find out what it even was. But once I did, I totally wanted to check out this show.

The premise is a true-crime mockumentary that follows the aftermath of a high school prank that left 27 faculty cars with phallic symbols on them.

One student is expelled, but the series seeks to find out if he was really the guilty party.

It's kind of a jokey Making A Murderer. So of you enjoyed that series but also like a good laugh, this may be your next binge worthy Netflix show.

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