Skittles are the most popular countrywide and you won't believe how many people actual vote candy corn their favorite, but what about here in Massachusetts?

We all have our favorites, but according to, 2019's most popular sweet treat for Halloween in the U.S. is Skittles. My 15-year-old will be thrilled to know this as he loves Skittles or anything sweet and sour for that matter.

The website's data notes Reese's Cups – quite possibly one of mankind's greatest creations – ranked second, with M&Ms, Snickers and Starburst rounding out the Halloween top five.

However, favorites vary from state to state. For example, Skittles were tops in Arizona, California, Delaware, and Hawaii, to name a few, while trick-or-treaters from Iowa, Idaho and Las Vegas put candy corn at the top for 2019.

You can see more at, but here's a quick look at the highlights:

Top Halloween Candy in the U.S. for 2019

1. Skittles
2. Reese's Cups
3. M&Ms
4. Snickers
5. Starburst
6. Candy Corn
7. Hot Tamales
8. Tootsie Pops
9. Sour Patch Kids
10. Hershey's

Most Popular Halloween Candy by State for 2019

Alabama -- Hershey’s Mini Bars
Alaska -- Twix
Arizona -- Skittles
Arkansas -- Hot Tamales
California -- Skittles
Colorado -- Twix
Connecticut -- Milky Way
Delaware -- Skittles
District of Columbia -- Tootsie Pops
Florida -- Skittles
Georgia -- Jolly Ranchers
Hawaii -- Skittles
Idaho -- Candy corn
Illinois -- Kit Kat
Indiana -- Hot Tamales
Iowa -- Candy corn
Kansas -- Reese’s Cups
Kentucky -- Swedish Fish
Louisiana -- Lemonheads
Maine -- Sour Patch Kids
Maryland -- Reese’s Cups
Massachusetts -- Butterfinger
Michigan -- Starburst
Minnesota -- Skittles
Mississippi -- Snickers
Missouri -- Milky Way
Montana -- Dubble Bubble
Nebraska -- Salt water taffy
Nevada -- Candy corn
New Hampshire -- Starburst
New Jersey -- Tootsie Pops
New Mexico -- Candy corn
New York -- Hot Tamales
North Carolina -- Reese’s Cups
North Dakota -- Candy corn
Ohio -- M&M’s
Oklahoma -- Dubble Bubble
Oregon -- Reese’s Cups
Pennsylvania -- Hershey’s Mini Bars
Rhode Island -- Twix
South Carolina -- Skittles
South Dakota -- Starburst
Tennessee -- Tootsie Pops
Texas -- Reese’s Cups
Utah -- Jolly Ranchers
Vermont -- M&M’s
Virginia -- Hot Tamales
Washington -- Salt water taffy
West Virginia -- Blow Pops
Wisconsin -- Starburst
Wyoming -- Salt water taffy

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