Jacqueline Vicente is currently living in Middleboro. As a member of the community Facebook page called “Middleboro Helping Middleboro,” she reached out for help with a very unusual problem on Wednesday, December 9.

It appears that someone believes that Jacqueline, also called Jackie, dumped her trash in their personal recycling bin, and decided to drive the trash bag to her house with a note that read, “Good news! Found your trash in our recycle bin over on Pearl St. Please dispose at your development. Merry Christmas!”

Jacqueline Vicente via Facebook

More than a little confused, Jackie took photos of the bag and the note and posted them on the Facebook page seeking to communicate with the person who did this.

“So, I walked out of my apartment to this today. It’s strange because 1) I don’t even know where Pearl Street is. 2) I don’t even use this kind of trash bag, as you can see the pull strings on my bags are black, not blue. And 3) there’s a hole in the trash bag and I can see there is cat food and veggie burgers...I don’t own a cat nor am I vegetarian.”

Jacqueline Vicente via Facebook

Beyond the fact that this is all extremely odd, it also seems dangerous.

“Not even sure where they got my name or address. So that’s a little concerning. I also just GPS'd Pearl Street and it’s seven minutes away. Why would I ever drive to throw my trash away in someone else’s bin when I have my own dumpster? So, if it was you, please PM me so we can solve this like adults and explain why you think this was mine.”

Jacqueline Vicente via Facebook

Other members of the page all mirrored Jackie’s concerns and are just as mind-boggled as she is. Jackie has reported the incident to her apartment complex and hopes to find answers as soon as possible. She has been told to contact the police for a request for video surveillance, but that specific date and time are needed.

Has anything like this happened to you or someone you know?

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