When it comes to complying with the new mask laws that were put into place for COVID-19, Martha's Vineyard should be a leading example.

Over the weekend, I took it upon myself to make a short day trip over to Martha's Vineyard to celebrate one of my best friends' birthday. From the moment we stepped foot onto the SeaStreak Fast Ferry and onto the island to the moment we were back home in New Bedford again, we had to leave our mask on at all times.

As frustrating as that sounds, it was actually quite refreshing to see the island community come together to "flatten the curve."

Everywhere we went, every town we visited, there were mask signs. Some were a reminder to wear your mask and the others were a reminder that it's a $100 fine, instantly, if caught without one. Down in the busier areas of the island, such as Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs, police patrolled the area, enforcing the mask law and ensuring the safety of the visitors and locals.

Yes, it was a bit annoying at times since it was a gorgeous day and the sun was shining bright, but it put me at ease knowing that everyone else around me was a part of the movement to help contain the spread of the coronavirus. Only when we were seated for breakfast, lunch, or dinner did we get to remove our masks (obviously), but that was the only time, besides being inside of our rental car.

All in all, kudos to the officials enforcing the mask rule over on Martha's Vineyard. Now, if only the rest of the SouthCoast – and of course, the world – would follow suit, then we might be out of this mess a lot quicker than predicted.

That's just my two cents, take it or leave it.

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