It's only the 13th day into the year 2020 and I've already been scarred for life.

Earlier today, I decided to go to my favorite all-you-can-eat restaurant (in which I will not name) to plow down some yummy lunch. I normally sit way in the back, alone by myself, so that no one can bother me. I enjoy eating in peace.

As I sit down with my first plate, I begin to dive into the grub. Out of nowhere, the typical music that normally plays over the house audio system came to a complete halt and the room was filled with awkward silence.

Here's where it gets weird.

The children's song "Daddy Finger" or whatever the heck it's called comes blaring through the restaurant speaker system at an unusually high amount of decibels, completely stopping me in my tracks.

"Daddy finger daddy finger where are you here i am here i am how do you do?
mommy finger mommy finger where are you here i am here i am how do you do?
brother finger brother finger where are you here i am here i am how do you do?"

Must be a radio ad or a mistake, I thought to myself.

However, the song played on repeat for a solid 10 minutes straight and nobody seemed to care. No one tried to do anything about it. It was as if the annoying and mind-numbing nursery rhyme playing over and over again while people were eating was completely acceptable. I was starting to lose my mind and my patience.

Finally, the song stopped and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, all of a sudden, "MOMMY FINGER, MOMMY FINGER, WHERE ARE YOU?!" – only this time it was sped up and much more aggressive.

"Check, please!" I shouted towards the waitress and was out of there before I could attempt to assemble a third plate.

The hands-down weirdest dining experience of my life and the strangest part of it all was the fact that the entire restaurant staff found it completely normal, as if I was the abnormal one.

#TheFingerFamily #DaddyFinger #MommyFinger

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