The Inn on Shipyard Park's ongoing battle with one of its neighbors has been well documented over the past several years in the village of Mattapoisett. The tiff stems from one of the Inn's neighbors, who is not happy with the level of noise at the establishment. The Inn's position is that the establishment has been there for over 200 years, and that the neighbors should have known what they were buying. Now, the historical spot is looking for the public's help in building its case.

Residents in town have their own opinions about whether or not they agree with the neighbor. The Inn, which is the oldest seaside inn in the United States of America, is stating that it has been a nighttime establish for over 200 years.

More recently, the Inn is seeking to demonstrate in court that the layout and operations have not changed since the 1960's. They have posted on Facebook looking for current and former patrons to share different bands that they've seen at the Inn over the years.

"From as far back as possible. Can you name the bands (your favorites or otherwise) that were at the Inn?" wrote the Inn.

The Inn on Shipyard Park in Mattapoisett has been dealing with an ongoing dispute with one of their neighbors who moved into the area and was upset with the noise level. The neighbor filed litigation against the Inn in the hopes that it would force the Inn to change its nighttime activities.

One neighbor, Jennifer Collyer, joked that she has “lived next door in 1977-1980. If anything has changed it has gotten quieter.”

One woman shared that she and her husband “lived right next door to the inn from 1969 to 1974 and never had a problem with noise from the inn, (they) lived on first floor right next to driveway into the inn, you can't get much closer than that.”

Additional Reporting by Jhona Coombs

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