We've all received those energy assessments from Eversource, but has anyone ever scored a "Great"?

Eversource Energy Reviews are essentially a sheet of paper that tells you exactly how much energy you use in your home and how your energy consumption compares to that of your neighbors.  My family consistently ranks among the WORST.  We're horrible, and our energy bills show it.

Gazelle did pretty well.  He ranks "Good" with a bill that was only $60 a month!  My question is if Gazelle is only "Good"...what does someone have to do to earn a "Great"?  We asked our audience, but no one called that received anything better than a "good".  My guess is that Eversource is sort of like a good coach...nothing will ever be "great"...you can always do better with your energy conservation.

Abby says her competitive side shows when these energy assessments are released.  She says she always competes against herself and the energy she consumed the previous year.

Check out the video below to hear the whole conversation on these crazy papers...

Additional Reporting and Video by Michael DeSouza

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