There are billboards and signs everywhere as you drive these days and most are fine with me. I don't think I have any feelings either way about most billboards I drive by, but over the last few weeks there is one that has now started to drive me crazy.

Each day I head east over the Braga Bridge to get here to Fun 107. And ever since the daylight's savings weekend there is one sign that makes me shake my head as I go by it.

Maybe you've noticed it yourself...

It's the U-Haul Self Storage place on the right side of the highway. You know, the one with the time and temperature on it. Well it's inaccurate, very inaccurate and for whatever reason it's starting to really bother me.

I'm pretty positive I'm over-thinking it, but the owners haven't changed to daylight savings time yet! I mean c'mon, it's been two weeks. Shouldn't they have sprung forward by now?

Well they haven't and every day as I drive by the clock throws me off. Every time I look down at my dashboard to confirm that I am right and they are wrong. Cause me being wrong is not out of the realm of possibility. I'm not really a morning person, so accidentally being a hour early for work could be something I do if I was too sleepy to know better.

But really I just want them to be right. I want their clock to resemble my dashboard clock. I want them to change to daylight savings time!

Perhaps they don't believe in daylight savings, like the state of Arizona. Or maybe it's just as simple as they can't see their own sign and have no idea it's off by an hour.

Either way I just really hope the fix it soon, before we fall back again at least!

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