To all the brave men who are escorting their lovely "Brides-To-Be" to this years 25th Annual Fun 107 Bridal Show... You're going to want to know the ropes, so listen up!

Now I've been working this show for the past five years and within that time I have noticed and learned wisely just from observing my surroundings. I've come up with five rules that all guys should follow that will guarantee to get you "Brownie Points":

RULE #1:  Although this is a team effort... try to pretend that this is HER day!

RULE#2:  Don't argue over what cake you should get or which DJ you should hire, rather voice your opinion calmly and with reason. (Note- This doesn't always work).

RULE 3:  Chocolate is a girl's best friend... Sweeten up her mood by heading straight for the free samples and watch as her face gleams with joy. Oh.... and enjoy the free food too, you've earned it.

RULE 4:  Dress comfortably, the only people who should be dressed to the nines are the those involved in the fashion show and the vendors. This isn't a beauty contest!

RULE 5:  Keep in mind that there IS a bar!  Loosen up a little and offer to buy your significant other a drink (of course, if you're 21+). She'll appreciate the offer and it allows you to escape for a bit while she checks out the makeup and wedding gown sections.

Lastly, this is always a given.... compliment her throughout the day, she's there to be pampered with bridal information and free samples and a simple "You're Beautiful" goes a long way!

Save her a seat up close to the stage so she can have a great and up-close and personal view of the runway.

I've seen a lot, I've heard a lot and I have the inside scoop on how to please your significant other throughout the Bridal Show!

Good luck and God-speed!