I mean this song might actually be the blueprint to success for the Pats this Sunday.

The Pats are taking on the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday in their seventh consecutive AFC Championship Game appearance. Every year when the Pats make their playoff run the memes, gifs and parody songs that come out are usually pretty on point. This song is no different.

Last year, Ian Biggs from New Haven, Conn. teamed up with Sarah Gonzalez to sing the parody written by Ian Cunningham of the Chainsmokers' song "Closer." Well the squad is back this year with Jemar Phoenix for another one.

At this point they might mean good luck. I mean last year they make a parody and the Patriots win the Super Bowl. This year they make a parody and well, who knows.

I think every single solitary time that Gronk scores on Sunday this song needs to be played as the in-stadium touchdown music. I'm not so sure it'll happen at Gillette, but you can definitely have it cued up and ready in your living room because hopefully, Gronk is doing a TON of scoring on Sunday.

All I know is the song sounds like a perfect game plan to roast the Jags. Check out the video here and get ready for another big Sunday for Patriot Nation.


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