Eating food and saving animals? Not a bad life to live, if you ask me.

On Thursday, August 8, The Great American Eat Off will be LIVE from New Bedford's Greasy Luck for some competitive eating for a great cause.

I got the call from a good friend who just so happens to be the host of The Great American Eat Off and was challenged to go head-to-head against her in an eating competition. Well, knowing that she's done this plenty of times before, I was a bit hesitant considering she has had much practice in this sport.

However, after finding out that we would be eating to help out local animal shelters such as Lighthouse Animal Shelter, I was all in.

I will be taking on Gail Kasper, host of The Great American Eat Off, in an effort to find homes for lonely dogs and cats from the Lighthouse Animal Shelter. Six to eight million cats and dogs are placed in shelters every year, and half of them end up euthanized. Whether someone is not prepared to care for a new pet or their life situation changes, these pets are abandoned and need homes. Spaying and neutering are key, as well as not buying a puppy from a breeder, which intensifies the situation.

It’s time we save some furry lives.

The Great American Eat Off will be taking place on August 8 at 7:30 p.m. at Greasy Luck in New Bedford. Host Gail Kasper is a national television personality who has appeared on NBC, Fox Business News, Oprah and Friends, and various local network affiliates.

The Great American Eat Off is a live, new show that has successfully placed homeless animals in forever homes. It offers viewers the opportunity to participate in the show through live commenting and interaction. With a bill in Congress, Kasper hopes to gain national support for viewers to contact their Congressperson and have them cosponsor Bill 34, National Animal Rescue Day.

“It’s an easy process," Kasper said. "Just go to and fill out the form. You will receive an email with the name of your Congressperson as well as their telephone number and a specific script so that you know exactly what to say to the legislative team."

Bring your friends, bring your family and cheer on as I go head-to-head against a champion eater to raise awareness for our little fur buddies.

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