Those one-of-a-kind snacks and treats that you can only find inside the park at Disney World in Orlando can now be packaged up and mailed directly to you.

I was scrolling through and came across an article about a company that delivers those amazing Disney World park snacks right to your home. I am SO excited about this.

I mean my kids are excited, of course.

Seriously though, when we went to Disney a few years ago, I fell deep in love with the warm and sweetly coated nuts mix packed in mini paper bags. I never thought I'd see them again, but I was wrong.

Boxney Instagram

Maybe there's a snack from the Magic Kingdom that you loved. Well now you can have it and a bunch of other choices mailed to your house. Boxney is the company that puts this Magic Package filled with Disney treats together, and ships it to you. They can customize your package or surprise you with a bunch of different things, your call.


Check out the reviews of what some have to say about Boxney. FallonLovesLife says, "Okay, the new flavored popcorns are the best! I have been getting a different flavor each time I go to Disney and they are all so yummy!"

If you're looking to try Boxney, you can get a coupon right here.

Boxney Instagram

Whether you want to try this for a birthday party celebration, the holidays, summer playdates or just for your own family, Boxney can customize the experience for you.