It might be cold outside but we've got the warmest, most coziest restaurants in the area with fireside dining.

The Seaport Inn Grill is one of my favorite spots and if you haven't been yet, this winter is the perfect time to try them out. Ask to be seated in their cozy fireplace room.


Stoneforge Tavern and Publick House in Rayhnam is right off route 44 and has both indoor and outdoor fireside dining. I love going to Stoneforge in the early fall when it's just starting to get cool outside. They do a nice job positioning the outdoor dining area right in front of this beautiful brick fireplace.


The Pasta House in Fairhaven is known for their delicious food for sure but also for their dining atmosphere, too. After completely renovating the restaurant back in 2007, it really is one of the nicest places around. The warm fireplaced dining room makes the Pasta House all the more inviting.

Pasta House Facebook

Some of the other really nice fireside dining restaurants on the SouthCoast worth mentioning are Bittersweet Tavern in Westport and the Old Gristmill Tavern in Seekonk. Both are worthy of a visit if you are looking for a comfortable and cozy fireside dining this winter.