If there's one thing in life I thoroughly enjoy, it's those free food samples at grocery stores.

Amidst the surge of reported cases of the coronavirus in the U.S., certain food markets are looking to do away with food sampling while the virus is still on the rise around the world and within the country.

However, it has in fact been confirmed that Costco will be suspending its free samples until further notice, becoming one of the first of the giant surplus stores to make the call.

The news comes after grocery chain Trader Joe's changed its sample policy. Instead of a large plate of food, employees will have to plate each item separately. It would not be a complete shock if the company moves towards temporary suspension as well.

Multiple Costco stores have stated that they do not know when samples would return but are taking precautions while the coronavirus is still an issue.

I'll admit that this news, as cautious as the company is trying to be, upsets me. Free food is something I live for, even if it does only come in small portions. It's the principle of breaking up those hunger pangs I always get while shopping and also to get the opportunity to try new and different products that will be stripped away.

As of right now, it is unknown whether the change will affect all Costco locations or only a select few, leaving the rest of us who enjoy a piece of convection oven pizza or tater tots while shopping up in arms in anxious anticipation.

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