The Celtics were expected to be the class of the NBA this season, and while it's early, they're clearly not.

Standing at fourth place in the East with a record of 6-4, the Celtics clearly are having some early-season issues. Now, I realize it's only 10 games in, and 10 games does not a season make. Despite it being early, the team looks a little lost, especially on offense.

Gordon Hayward and Jaylen Brown particularly seem to be the most lost. It's almost like they're not sure of their roles anymore now that they have a full roster. We all know Kyrie is Boston's alpha dog, and it seems Jayson Tatum should be considered their number two. From there your third, fourth and fifth option is a toss up. That's where I feel there is some confusion. Everyone seems a little lost on who's number three.

The only solution to me is for Brad Stevens to re-emphasize ball movement and team basketball. The Celtics are loaded with talent. If they focus on just getting open shots, they have enough talented players that should be able to put the ball in the bucket. Defensively, they are once again the class of the NBA, but unfortunately you have to score the ball as well.

Again, it's early and I don't expect this to carry on for much longer, but there is a real identity crisis over on Causeway Street. One can only hope Brad can get this title contender back to the basics.

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