I was hanging in Plymouth today - wait wait, one town, two spellings and big replica of ship called Mayflower and a small rock that says 1620 on it! This is the essence of "America's Home Town". Hard to believe that one of the very first places Europeans stepped ashore in North America is right up the road! But wait a second, Plymouth isn't the first place they landed..you'd have to travel to Provincetown for that.

They didn't like it there and packed up and sailed on to Plymouth! Even still, Plymouth is a great place to visit especially during this time of year. Just remember that when you do visit, a lot of the story you were taught as kid is just made up to make the holiday a little more pleasant. Things weren't all 'hunky dorey' between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans living in the area at the time. You'd be angry too if someone just showed up unannounced and just moved in on your land.

The first thanksgiving, was very small, no turkey and all the fixings. Just two groups of people who shared a regular size meal with a large side of distrust and awkwardness. Never the less, we have a strong tradition of sharing and friends and family on this holiday, whether the pilgrims and natives back then would believe what they started and continues some 391 years later!