Nobody likes to drive in it and we definitely complain when we have to shovel it, but there are fun things to know about snow. So the next time the flakes start to fall, here are some interesting facts about snow to impress your friends with.

February in New England means snow! But how much do you know about the stuff?

  1. They say no two snowflakes are exactly the same, but that's not true (shocker!). A scientist found two identical snowflakes during a 1988 snowstorm in Wisconsin. So snow twins do exist.
  2. The average snowflake has 180 billion molecules of water in it. Yes, billion with a B!
  3. All snowflakes have six sides.
  4. Snow isn't's clear. The sunlight absorbed by the snow gets absorbed evenly over the wavelengths of visible light, so it appears white. Sometimes snow can also appear to be blue.
  5. Chinophobia is the fear of snow. (and a sign you should live in warmer climates!)
  6. If you do fear snow (or just really, really hate it) move to Key West, Florida. It's the only place in the US where no snow has never been reported.
  7. If you love snow however, there are plenty of places to go! 12% of the Earth is covered in snow and ice permanently.
  8. The snowiest city in the US is Rochester, NY. They average 94 inches of snow per year.  (New Bedford averages 33 inches per year)
  9. The average snowflakes falls at a speed of 3.1mph, not exactly a speed racer.
  10. People buys more cookies, cakes and candies than any other food when a blizzard is in the forecast!