Did the justice system fail? A kid got off because he's rich? Wait a second.. A teenager who killed four people while driving drunk has been sentenced to probation and a the nation outraged. According to CBS, prosecutors were pushing for 16-year-old Ethan Couch to spend 20 years in prison.Instead, State District Judge Jean Boyd sentenced Couch to a decade of probation.


Last June, Couch plowed into and killed four people. Couch’s attorneys argued his parents were responsible for the teen’s actions that night because of the way he had been raised. Defense attorneys put a psychologist on the stand who testified Couch was a product of wealth and got whatever he wanted. The psychologist also testified the teen was allowed to drink at a very young age and began driving at 13 years old. Defense attorneys argued Couch needed treatment, not jail and suggested a facility that costs almost half a million dollars a year.

Couch’s family did not comment on the sentence. Couch was not allowed to go home with his parents. He will be housed at the detention center until he can be placed at a treatment facility.